Message From SHARE/GUIDE Chairman


Dear Members of SHARE/GUIDE

On behalf of the Management Council of SHARE/GUIDE association, I would like to extend my warmest appreciation and thanks to all our members who have supported the SHARE/GUIDE association throughout the unprecedented and challenging year 2020.

It is now almost a year since the implementation of the first MCO that came with requirements to comply with the SOPs imposed by the Government. Our responsibilities at SHARE/GUIDE to ensure the health and safety of our members when we are organising activities for our members remains our utmost concern. It is with this in mind together with the SOP restrictions that we are holding this year’s AGM on a virtual basis.

2020 marked the 3rd year of my Chairmanship since being first elected in 2018. I am indeed honoured to have been given the opportunity to lead SHARE/GUIDE again for a 2nd term since being re-elected in August last year and will continue to lead the Association in playing a role to “share” information and to “guide” members in the ever-challenging IT environment.

Last year 2020 was indeed a challenging year for SHARE/GUIDE as we continued our planning and organizing events for our members. With the tough economic situation faced by most of our members last year, SHARE/GUIDE only managed to organize a total of 9 events for our members, most of the online webinars  due to the MCO. As usual, these events continue to be part of our objective to get members together, although conducted virtually, to share knowledge and exchange information to foster collaboration and development for the members, the local IT industry, and our country in general.

The hosting of these member sharing sessions by our own SHARE/GUIDE members is a good testament to the fantastic support that all our members have given to SHARE/GUIDE for more than 30 years! We will continue to organize knowledge sharing events in 2021 for our members, that will continue to be held virtually until the Covid-19 situation stabilizes.

For this year 2021, I am very pleased to announce that we were privileged to be a guest on our national TV program – Selamat Pagi Malaysia on 13 January 2021 to share our views on the needs of digital transformation during MCO. It was indeed an honour for SHARE/GUIDE to be the 1st ever IT association to be featured on national TV and have our views disseminated to the whole country. In addition, we have also continued with our member sharing sessions that forms part of our 2021 events calendar which includes training programs and also focus sessions with sponsor partners and strategic audiences.

For the coming year ahead, digital transformation remains a key factor as organisations now has to evolve into the digital age of IR5.0 that is now converging between the virtual and physical worlds. Our members and even SHARE/GUIDE ourselves need to remain vigilant and suitably equipped with the required digital infrastructure to operate virtually in the new societal community. In this regard, I would like to remind all our members to be always prepared and well protected from the constant threat of potential cyber threats that exists along this digital path.

SHARE/GUIDE would not have been able to survive without the continued support from our sponsors. On behalf of the Management Council and all members, I would like to thank our major Platinum Sponsor – Cisco Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Silver Sponsors –  Hewlett Packard Enterprise Malaysia (HPE) and Silverlake Group for their generous support during the year 2020.

To all our members, I sincerely hope that you have benefitted from our events and will continue supporting SHARE/GUIDE during these difficult times. The Management Council of SHARE/GUIDE and I will continue to organize more quality programs for the satisfaction of all our members.

Please continue to engage with each other as members and make new friends along the way in the pursuit of technological knowledge in the new decade. Thank You


CHAIRMAN – 2018-2021


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