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PERTUBUHAN PENGGUNA IT (IT USERS ASSOCIATION) or more commonly known as ‘SHARE/GUIDE’ is a non-profit association, whose member organizations are primarily end-users of technology and IT services. The association has served as a forum for IT users in Malaysia to network and exchange information, experience, thoughts, views and best practices since 1989.  It is also an avenue for working collaboratively with IT service providers and other related groups to help members leapfrog in harnessing technology for their businesses and for greater mutual benefits.

SHARE/GUIDE association members comprise of organisations in the application of information technologies ranging from large and most sophisticated users of information technologies to small organisations in the country, and from diverse number of industries including government, banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, petroleum, airlines, utilities, retail, manufacturing and other commercial and private sectors.

SHARE/GUIDE office bearers are elected during the Biennial AGM and serves a 2 year term. They are all volunteers with the common passion and dedication to help IT users and organizations make better use of IT in their respective industries and businesses.


To provide a forum representing organisations in Malaysia to “Share (share information & experience) and “Guide (guide each member) in the ever changing and increasingly challenging IT roles.

SHARE/GUIDE's Objective

The primary objective is to promote greater exchange of information, experience, views and best practices among organisations and networking with each other to foster collaboration and development in the use of information technology amongst its members for the continued growth and development of the member organizations, the local IT industry and the country in general.

Industry Influence

SHARE/GUIDE provides its members with the added opportunity to work closer with service providers and provide them with more focused user feedback and suggestions to further enhance their solutions and services for mutual benefits. It also facilitates networking with other related industry groups or associations and/or related government bodies to enhance industry collaboration.

Annual Activities

SHARE/GUIDE organises many activities for the benefit of its members throughout the year with the above objectives as guidance. These activities include:

  • Selective technical training programs in collaboration with industry providers;
  • Site visits to learn about how IT is deployed in a customer environment;
  • CIO talk series where industry IT leaders gather to share;
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs);
  • A 2 days’ Annual Conference where the latest technology and most relevant IT subjects are presented and discussed (Note: Conference Fees are HRDF claimable);
  • Industry feedback group representing IT users when dealing with vendors/service providers on collective issues or challenge
  • Annual sports events, i.e. bowling, futsal, golf, treasure hunt.
Knowledge Sharing
Free Activities

Benefits of joining SHARE/GUIDE:

  • Free participation in all SHARE/GUIDE activities throughout the year for staff of the member organisation.
  • Networking with other members to foster greater IT relationship, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • 100% ROI as most of the activities are fully subsidized.

Who can join SHARE/GUIDE?

Open to all organisations of IT technology and services. Current members comprise of organisations from government bodies, banking, insurance, airline, telecommunications, manufacturing, utility, retail, automobile, services industries and IT suppliers.

Membership Fee

Membership Fee is RM 1,000 per annum for each organization.

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