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PERTUBUHAN PENGGUNA IT (IT USERS ASSOCIATION) is an IT Users Group and a non-profit association, whose member organizations are primarily users of technology and IT services.

Why join SHARE/GUIDE association?

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By being a member of SHARE/GUIDE you’ll gain the benefits such as,

  • Opportunities for knowledge sharing and information exchange among members.
  • Free participation in all our activities comprising training programs, technology sharing briefings, Annual Conference & ICT Awards.
  • Sports and social events.

Explore our website further to find more benefits in which your organisation could consider joining our world-class elite User Group in Information Technology knowledge sharing and guiding members.

Free Activities Admission

All members staff enjoy free participation in all SHARE/GUIDE activities.

Knowledge Sharing & Networking Session

Members get access to Knowledge Sharing and Networking sessions with other members for mutual benefit.

Training Programs

Access to various forms of training programs to improve skills and further educational advancement.

Annual Conference & ICT Awards

An Annual Conference full of the latest Technology and Knowledge sharing sessions by our prominent members and Industry Leaders plus recognition of successful projects and Technology Icons among End-User members.

Social & Sports Events

Annual Social and Sports events such as Wellness, CSR, Site-visits, Golf, Futsal, Bowling etc to create team bonding among members.

Partner & Technology Collaborations

An avenue for business partnership and technology collaboration relationships.

Be A Share/Guide Member

SHARE/GUIDE provides enterprise support in promoting knowledge-sharing and collaboration among members and engaging with service providers on new products and services to assist in deployment of new technology.

Get Engaged With Our All Year Round Activities.

SHARE/GUIDE organises many activities for the benefit of its members throughout the year with the above objectives as guidance. These activities include:

  • Selective technical training programs in collaboration with industry providers;
  • Site visits to learn about how IT is deployed in a customer environment;
  • CIO talk series where industry IT leaders gather to share;
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs);
  • A 2 days’ Annual Conference where the latest technology and most relevant IT subjects are presented and discussed (Note: Conference Fees are HRDF claimable);
  • Industry feedback group representing IT users when dealing with vendors/service providers on collective issues or challenges.
  • Annual sports events, i.e. bowling, futsal, golf, treasure hunt.
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