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Friday, 25 January 2019 12:13
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The Management Council of SHARE/GUIDE extends its sincere thanks to all attendees at the above event on January 22, 2019 at Renaissance KL Hotel. It was well attended by association members and guests. 


The event was to bring together all our SHARE/GUIDE member representatives to get to know each other better and for the SHARE/GUIDE Management Council to enlighten all members on what is in store for 2019 as far as our SHARE/GUIDE activities are concerned.


A big Thank You to YBrs. En. Tan Chuan Ou, Deputy Secretary General (Operational) from KKMM, who represented YB Eddin SYazlee Shith, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia in officiating our event.


We hope that our members have now got to know the Management Council members better, found the event enjoyable, and made new friends throughout the event. Members present were presented on what are the coming events that will be organised by SHARE/GUIDE this year.


The photos taken during the event has been uploaded to Facebook. SHARE/GUIDE members are encouraged to join our Facebook group for viewing at your own pleasure.


For access via Facebook, please go to our FB page (Share/Guide Association (Malaysia) - (if you are not our Facebook group member already - ask to join our Group first (which we will then approve if you are with a SHARE/GUIDE association member organisation)), and you can view from there. If not a FB user, create a FB account first). The photo link is - 


SHARE/GUIDE Facebook Group Link