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Questions about SHARE/GUIDE association membership:

Q. What is the SHARE/GUIDE IT Users Association?
A. SHARE/GUIDE is an IT User Group comprising users of IT.

Q. Who are the members?
A. The members of SHARE/GUIDE comprises of organisations from all sectors of industry, ranging from financial, retail, manufacturing and GLCs.

Q. Who runs the Association?
A. SHARE/GUIDE is run by a Management Council who are elected every 2 years. They are all volunteers.

Q. Who can join?
A. SHARE/GUIDE is open to all organisations that are IT End-Users.

Q. What are the types of memberships available?
A. There is only one type of membership: Ordinary (Full) Membership

Q. What are the rights of Ordinary Membership?
A. Ordinary Members can vote and only end-user member can stand for election to the Management Council during the AGM.

Q. What is the cost of joining fee?
A. The joining fee for Ordinary Membership is RM1,000 per calendar year, with automatic renewal at the beginning of each calendar year.

Q. What are the benefits of joining SHARE/GUIDE?
A. Free participation to all SHARE/GUIDE events including the Annual Conference & ICT Awards:

  • Opportunity to network with other members during SHARE/GUIDE events.
  • Participate in SHARE/GUIDE Special Interest Groups.
  • Opportunity for Technical and Specialised trainings throughout the year.
  • Subsidised fees for selected public courses.
  • Opportunity to participate in CIO sessions.
  • Opportunity to participate in social and sports events.


Q. How do I apply to join?
A. You can download SHARE/GUIDE membership form at "Downloads" Option of this website, complete and return it to us, together with the membership subscription fee payment.

Q. Who can I contact for more details?
A. You can contact any of our Management Council members or Program Director for more information. Please refer to "Contact Us" option to obtain contact details.