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1st Members CxO Meet Up Session - BHP
Wednesday, 05 February 2020 12:19
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SHARE/GUIDE kicked off its 2020 calendar of activities with the hosting of the 1st Members CxO Meet Up Session by our

gracious member - Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn. Bhd. on 4th February, 2020 at their premises.

The objective of these sessions are  to provide a regular monthly forum for SHARE/GUIDE members to meet on a regular
basis to discuss matters of common interest, knowledge sharing and promotion of organisation's business and digital innovations.

This informative session saw our host, Mr. Wong Voon Pui, General Manager, IT & Card Services from Boustead Petroleum
Marketing Sdn. Bhd., presenting an overview on the  evolution of their business in Malaysia as well as their contact-less card
solutions in line with their digital transformation, with emphasis on the security features available for their product.
Members present found the session informative and enlightened on the oil and gas industry, as well as appreciating the efforts
of other members to share their knowledge during these forums.
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